Wednesday, 2 August 2017

All checked in

Hello to all who have been following the adventures of the SSSO Malawi team - they are now checked in at Chileka airport and awaiting their flight.

There has been a change in pick up arrangements:

Could you please pick the students up from the school at 09.00AM tomorrow, as opposed to Elephant and Castle tube station.

Miss Charlton and Miss Kennedy will try to call all parents to give a more accurate time when they have landed at Heathrow.

It has been a pleasure working with the SSSO team, and we hope they have had an amazing time!

Josh, Beth, and all at Inspire Worldwide

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

An amazing safari

Good evening all,
It's 7:55pm, on the 1st of August. And we're preparing for our last social of the Malawi trip 2017 - The Triple S O Talent, hosted by Ama. We woke up at around 5:30, to view the Malawian sunrise. Unfortunately, the clouds covered the predicted beautiful view. We had our breakfast routine, of having porridge with mass golden syrup, and had our famous mendazis on the go. The Malawi team rode on the bus for two and a half hours ( majority of us fell asleep along the way, it felt as if 30 minutes) to Majete National reserve. Once we arrived, we went onto a boat ride in groups. We saw hippos, African Datas birds, crocodiles, acache trees and many more. We learnt facts like; hippos stay in the water during the day and on land during the night, because, the water is their sun lotion, protecting them from the blazing sun. Interesting right! We all had our showers. refreshed and renewed again, we were. Tonight, we will fall asleep in our spacious tents within the habitat of the animals (safely-don't worry parents).
I may have to depart from you on this note ,because, we have an early 5 am start tomorrow. To have an early game drive ,then off we are to meet you all again ,after a wholesome 12 days. We all miss you all and cannot wait to see you all again. 
Love Renée x
Ps. For my family, I wrote really smart didn't I. Made you all proud. Can't wait for the Macdonald's and same for everyone.

Monday, 31 July 2017

A sad farewell

Hello all, 

We've had an amazing last  Monday in Malawi as the experience is coming to an end. Today we went to the worksite to try our best to finish off the toilets. We had the opportunity to plaster which was really tricky at first but with practice we got used to it. 
As it was our last day in the village Ida prepared a special lunch for us and we invited the builders, the chief, the girl guides and everyone else who played a special part in our journey to Malawi. We were ecstatic to see chicken on our plates as it has been 9 days since we last had it! 
For our closing ceremony we joined the girl guides in their special routine and also performed "Candy" with them, before thanking everyone for their contribution. We had a final last play with the Malawian children and said our goodbyes. 
I'm so proud of the amazing job we've done with building the toilets and it's been a wonderful experience I'll never forget. 
Emmanuella x
Ps can't wait for safari tomorrow!

Hi mum, we finished the project and I plastered a wall. We're going on safari tomorrow and I can't wait, hopefully we'll see elephants and hippos. Be back soon, I know you're missing me. Z.x...

Hey mum, see you soon and thank you for all your support. Tolu x

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Netball and Church

Hello all, 
today we played netball with the girl guides. It was a blast! We lost though...
After that, we went to church. It was a walk through beautiful scenery to the next village, where the congregation had moved outside so we could all fit. There was lots of singing and dancing which we joined in with. We then gave a rendition of our gospel medley. They thanked us for coming and gave us a gift of eggs, which we scrambled and ate for dinner this evening along with our spaghetti! 
Love, Esther

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Retail therapy

Good evening everyone,
Today we really started to see all our hard work come together. The toilets are so close to being finished and there's a real sense of accomplishment and excitement amongst us all. We also got a visit from some local people who sell at the market so got to buy some traditional souvenirs for our friends and families such as amazing original paintings and cute necklaces. The chance to view Malawian art allowed us to see their culture from a different perspective and to appreciate it a lot more. We miss you all but we're having a great time knowing that we are making a difference. 
Ps love you mum. Please let everyone know that I miss them and I can't wait to see you and show you what I bought.

Hello family, missing you all loads and can't wait to see the house when I get back - the excitement is much. Vicky x

Hey mummy and daddy! Five more days left until you see my beautiful blessed face. Missing all of you guys! Love you loads Sanae x

Hey mum and family, the market came today and it was really exciting, I bought loads of beautiful things, can't wait to show you guys. Zareefa x

Hi mummy, I'm missing you more and more every day, I can't wait to see you. Today was very fun because I got to bricklay again and the market came to town. I got you something very nice and something for everyone that sponsored me (I hope I didn't leave anyone out). I hope you are alright.
Love you so much xx Your baby-girl Tolu

Hey sis, I hope everything is great, I miss you lots and I hope you find the blog. Love Emmanuella xxx

Hi Famo (sorry I didn't get to write yesterday) as always I am missing you and thinking about you, especially my JS. I bought you some gifts from the market that came today - hope you'll love them. 
Love you mum and see you Thursday morning hopefully at elephant and castle station with a double sausage and egg mcmuffin meal with orange juice. Love youuuu isatu xxx

Hi everyone, I'm missing you all - even Elina. I hope all ok and everyone is fine. Love you all and I can't wait to see you. Lots of love Leila xx

Hi family,
-Ama x

Friday, 28 July 2017

It's all coming together!

Hey everybody, today was just a normal day on the work site, it's really starting to come together(we even doors). The girls are going to have a lovely toilet. 
Hopefully we can start plastering on Monday. Over the past week we've had amazing social times (social is bonding time we have after dinner that 3 people organise that can be a game or a debate).
On Wednesday it was my groups turn to host the social, we put our own twist on the game show "Take me out", it was hilarious. Yesterday another group hosted the game show "The Big Clash", for this each group had to come up with their own chant and dance, we also had to play a really hard spelling/word association game. Everyone is really missing their families and looking forward to seeing them. 
Love Ama

Personal messages:
Hi Uncle, thank you for your encouragement. When I get home I will show you all the pictures I've taken. Miss you, AMA

Hi mum, I hope everyone is alright at home. I'm coming home soon so prepare for me. Miss you, Ama. 

Hi family, I feel so happy right now I just bathed with warm water and changed my pjs. I feel like a new person, I can't wait to see you. And, I can't wait to have a McDonald's breakfast (wink wink) and Lebanese (wink wink). Love you all, Renee x

Hi guys, how's everything without me? I hope nobody has entered my room unless they had the intentions to clean it. Somebody notify daddy that I am alive and well because he has probably forgotten. Love you all, Saffs 

To junior, Alice and Elizabeth...Saffs has confessed to me that she missed you guys a lot and hopes you guys are well. She can't wait to see you lot. Zareefa x

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Some insights and some dancing!

 Dear all, today was a blessed day. We woke up sharp - 6am start - to all get ready and make it sure for an 8:30am start. We worked strenuously till 10:30 carrying heavy bricks, bricklaying and mixing cement. The adorable Malawian kids assisted us proving yet again how hard working and dedicated to their community they are. 
At 11:00, we looked round the secondary school. It was surprising and enlightening to see how school life is particularly when we went to the notice board and saw all the students results published, displaying if they'd passed or failed. The classrooms, with a capacity of 40 students minimum, made me feel grateful for the small classes I attend at St Saviours but also appreciate the efforts of Joshua to provide educational facilities for the local children. 
We also saw the nearby clinic that provided a maternity ward, HIV testing and malaria testing. It was very inspiring and motivating to see the effort the community put in to care for each other, displaying a community spirit we should all aspire to. 
Finally to end the day, we had another G4g session. The Malawian girls taught us some traditional Malawian dances and chants bringing us closer together. Vicky x ps missing you all my family. Love you guys so much and see you when I come back (mum I'm cooking dinner tonight!).

Personal messages: 
Hi mummy and daddy! Thanks for messaging back! Malawi is really good but when I come back I'm taking the bathroom for a whole day! Tell Suleiman I'm coming back soon to give him a big kiss from me and Soufyen too, even though he ain't missing me. Selma I still don't like you but thanks for the message. Miss you all and love you loads. Sanae x

Hi mum, tell everyone I love them and thanks for replying. Hope everything is good at home and tell daddy to cook for me when I get back. Laila x

I never thought I'd say this but I miss you so much sis and I hope you're alright and I everything goes well. I miss you so much dad. Love Emmanuela x

Hi guys, you know you all miss me but don't worry I'll be back soon. We thank god im still well. Bye, Saffs x

Hi mum, say hi to everybody. Just to let you know I'm safe and having fun, I'm coming home soon so prepare for me. Also please tell Alexis's mum about the blog. Ama 

Hi mummy, sis bro and Carla, miss you lot loads. We've finally had meat and I'm so happy it reminded me of home. Can I have a special meal when I get home please? Renee x

Hi mum, I miss you lots - the meat Renee mentioned was red meat (unfortunately) but instead I had stew greens - it was nice. Love you and JS both, Isatu xx

Hey mum, for the last 5 days I have been a vegetarian but today we finally got meat! I miss your children but I miss you more. Love you, Tolu xx

Hi mum, I have been vegetarian for the last 5 days, don't be surprised if I come back vegetarian, miss you guys. Zareefa xx