Thursday, 27 July 2017

Some insights and some dancing!

 Dear all, today was a blessed day. We woke up sharp - 6am start - to all get ready and make it sure for an 8:30am start. We worked strenuously till 10:30 carrying heavy bricks, bricklaying and mixing cement. The adorable Malawian kids assisted us proving yet again how hard working and dedicated to their community they are. 
At 11:00, we looked round the secondary school. It was surprising and enlightening to see how school life is particularly when we went to the notice board and saw all the students results published, displaying if they'd passed or failed. The classrooms, with a capacity of 40 students minimum, made me feel grateful for the small classes I attend at St Saviours but also appreciate the efforts of Joshua to provide educational facilities for the local children. 
We also saw the nearby clinic that provided a maternity ward, HIV testing and malaria testing. It was very inspiring and motivating to see the effort the community put in to care for each other, displaying a community spirit we should all aspire to. 
Finally to end the day, we had another G4g session. The Malawian girls taught us some traditional Malawian dances and chants bringing us closer together. Vicky x ps missing you all my family. Love you guys so much and see you when I come back (mum I'm cooking dinner tonight!).

Personal messages: 
Hi mummy and daddy! Thanks for messaging back! Malawi is really good but when I come back I'm taking the bathroom for a whole day! Tell Suleiman I'm coming back soon to give him a big kiss from me and Soufyen too, even though he ain't missing me. Selma I still don't like you but thanks for the message. Miss you all and love you loads. Sanae x

Hi mum, tell everyone I love them and thanks for replying. Hope everything is good at home and tell daddy to cook for me when I get back. Laila x

I never thought I'd say this but I miss you so much sis and I hope you're alright and I everything goes well. I miss you so much dad. Love Emmanuela x

Hi guys, you know you all miss me but don't worry I'll be back soon. We thank god im still well. Bye, Saffs x

Hi mum, say hi to everybody. Just to let you know I'm safe and having fun, I'm coming home soon so prepare for me. Also please tell Alexis's mum about the blog. Ama 

Hi mummy, sis bro and Carla, miss you lot loads. We've finally had meat and I'm so happy it reminded me of home. Can I have a special meal when I get home please? Renee x

Hi mum, I miss you lots - the meat Renee mentioned was red meat (unfortunately) but instead I had stew greens - it was nice. Love you and JS both, Isatu xx

Hey mum, for the last 5 days I have been a vegetarian but today we finally got meat! I miss your children but I miss you more. Love you, Tolu xx

Hi mum, I have been vegetarian for the last 5 days, don't be surprised if I come back vegetarian, miss you guys. Zareefa xx


  1. Hello Yeama. It's good to hear from Baby Girl. Well done to all of you for all the hard work and the effort. Baby Junior keeps crying all the time as he is missing you so much.

    All my love mum

  2. Hello Team SSSO, nice to hear you had a fun filled day with some hard work. Isatu I'm glad you were able to eat some stew greens, everyone keeps asking about you and sends their love.JS misses you and has a surprise for you, my love to All and God Bless.

  3. Hi Renee. We miss you so much too! Haha glad you had meat...that's so funny! Lol. What meal do you want when you're back?
    Love you
    Vanessa x

  4. Haha Renee, we know you love you meat. What meat was it? Is the food nice? I hope you are enjoying yourself and gaining lots from this experience. Miss you so much.❤️
    Carla (Renee's Cousin)

  5. Hi , Saffie it's Alice (your favourite sis).We r missing u so much!Hope u have fun.
    Alice xoxo

  6. Hey saffie hope u r fine and make sure no mostketo get to u
    From lizzie the gymnast

  7. Hi Saffie Hope you are havin a great time in Malawi. Plus don't get mosquitoes From your one and only brother

    Baby Junior.

    I have taken over your room

  8. Hi everyone, thanks to you all and God bless. Regards

  9. Hi Sanae, glad to see you are working hard - hopefully all this energy will come back with you to keep your room tidy :) I noticed you are wearing the bum bag..... Soufyen is missing you, I have been reading the blogs to him and showing home the photos - and yes he has spotted you Eesha (Leila). Oh and the bath is still half an hour :) lots of love and kisses xxxx

  10. My princess, is really good to have taste of the other side of life; this will make us appreciate what we have and keep focus. Nice earring from you all.
    I cover you and your team in The Blood of Jesus And will alway showed you guys His Love. Good night

  11. Greetings to this beautiful team for doing such a great job with a great enthusiasm!!! I really adore you all and please keep the spirit up.
    Vicky life is not as rosy in some other parts of the world but they take the most of their little and still live their dreams. This is why we should always count our blessings and be thankful to God for His grace! You are working hard my the dinner was delicious! I have missed so much that I kept calling your sisters by your name! We are looking fwd to seeing you soon.
    love you loads xxxx

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  13. Hello girls well done for your hard work God will bless you all Renee is mummy I will cook your special food when you come back I'm proud of you love you

  14. Hi guys hope you are doing great. Hang in there and goodluck on your project.

  15. Well done girls for all your hard work :-)
    Renee you are too funny!! You name the dish and I'll make sure it's all cooked for you. Missing you loads, Andrea xxx

  16. Hi Zareefa Vegetarian is no problem, it's good at last, you know we eat too much meat/chicken. Are you cooking it, be good experience. We are missing you loads, Rayhan and Kamillah especially.

    Work hard it makes you stronger for the future, hard work always pays off and you will know that achievement is never impossible if you set your minds to it.

    We played monopoly last night, Masood started with a great hand but was first out. Rayhan had awful luck, Imty was floating by and Kamillah seemed like not a care in the world.Lots of usual bantering going on, some tears with you know them! We got to the finals. Kamillah and I was left for the battle and guess what Kamillah won again, its getting to be regular picture!

    Keep posting its good to see and read about all the actions.

    Love you loads
    Mum xx

  17. Hiiuiuiiiiiuuiiiiiiiiiioiuuiiuuiiiuuiiu I know you guys are back but I hope you had fun