Sunday, 30 July 2017

Netball and Church

Hello all, 
today we played netball with the girl guides. It was a blast! We lost though...
After that, we went to church. It was a walk through beautiful scenery to the next village, where the congregation had moved outside so we could all fit. There was lots of singing and dancing which we joined in with. We then gave a rendition of our gospel medley. They thanked us for coming and gave us a gift of eggs, which we scrambled and ate for dinner this evening along with our spaghetti! 
Love, Esther


  1. Good evening all, have a good night and stay
    Ama's mum

  2. Hello everyone. Good to hear you went to church. Stay blessed.

    Saffie We love you.


  3. Hi everyone. Good to hear from you Esther. How are you doing. We are happy to hear you people went to the church to worship. Bless you all.

    Lots of love from The Akinyeles.

  4. Hi Sanae, Khalto and Amo was asking how you were doing? I told them about the wonderful work you and the team have been doing. They are really impressed and wish you all the best. Xxx

  5. Good morning team, I am sorry I couldn't send message last night. I great to know that you were in church yesterday.
    I trust God for your successful work all thorough.
    Remembered The Good Lord that had started the project with you will bring it all to perfection and you will all come back home in good health.
    Well done all.
    Tolu hope you are well,? You need to let me hear from you everyday in other to keep my mind at peace. Love you Mum

  6. Hi Renee,we miss you so much and can feel your absence in the house. But in much the same way we are happy and proud of you for the wonderful work that you and your team are doing afar. And I think there is nothing more adventurous,eye open and rewarding than what you are doing. Well done girls and keep up the good spirits. See you soon, dad

  7. Hiya Team SSSO,it is great to hear you went to Church as after all your hard work you still go on and thank God for endless possibilities. Isatu we love and miss you, stay Bless....