Friday, 28 July 2017

It's all coming together!

Hey everybody, today was just a normal day on the work site, it's really starting to come together(we even doors). The girls are going to have a lovely toilet. 
Hopefully we can start plastering on Monday. Over the past week we've had amazing social times (social is bonding time we have after dinner that 3 people organise that can be a game or a debate).
On Wednesday it was my groups turn to host the social, we put our own twist on the game show "Take me out", it was hilarious. Yesterday another group hosted the game show "The Big Clash", for this each group had to come up with their own chant and dance, we also had to play a really hard spelling/word association game. Everyone is really missing their families and looking forward to seeing them. 
Love Ama

Personal messages:
Hi Uncle, thank you for your encouragement. When I get home I will show you all the pictures I've taken. Miss you, AMA

Hi mum, I hope everyone is alright at home. I'm coming home soon so prepare for me. Miss you, Ama. 

Hi family, I feel so happy right now I just bathed with warm water and changed my pjs. I feel like a new person, I can't wait to see you. And, I can't wait to have a McDonald's breakfast (wink wink) and Lebanese (wink wink). Love you all, Renee x

Hi guys, how's everything without me? I hope nobody has entered my room unless they had the intentions to clean it. Somebody notify daddy that I am alive and well because he has probably forgotten. Love you all, Saffs 

To junior, Alice and Elizabeth...Saffs has confessed to me that she missed you guys a lot and hopes you guys are well. She can't wait to see you lot. Zareefa x


  1. Well done girls, you are doing really well. God bless you for the good work.Ama daddy says Hi and he so proud of you. Have a good night
    Love mum 💛xxx

  2. Hello everyone. What an amazing job you are doing.Saffie I am very proud of you. You all are an example to other children. Saffie We are missing you a lot and home is very quiet without you.

    Well done guys

  3. Hello wveryone, Tolu can't wait to have you back home. I fell so lonely here. Love you mum

  4. Hello Team SSSO, well done for the amazing job you guys are doing. Tutu my Baby

  5. We are all missing you but hope to see you soon and lots of surprise from JS awaits you, love you all and looking forward to seeing you soon, stay Bless.