Monday, 31 July 2017

A sad farewell

Hello all, 

We've had an amazing last  Monday in Malawi as the experience is coming to an end. Today we went to the worksite to try our best to finish off the toilets. We had the opportunity to plaster which was really tricky at first but with practice we got used to it. 
As it was our last day in the village Ida prepared a special lunch for us and we invited the builders, the chief, the girl guides and everyone else who played a special part in our journey to Malawi. We were ecstatic to see chicken on our plates as it has been 9 days since we last had it! 
For our closing ceremony we joined the girl guides in their special routine and also performed "Candy" with them, before thanking everyone for their contribution. We had a final last play with the Malawian children and said our goodbyes. 
I'm so proud of the amazing job we've done with building the toilets and it's been a wonderful experience I'll never forget. 
Emmanuella x
Ps can't wait for safari tomorrow!

Hi mum, we finished the project and I plastered a wall. We're going on safari tomorrow and I can't wait, hopefully we'll see elephants and hippos. Be back soon, I know you're missing me. Z.x...

Hey mum, see you soon and thank you for all your support. Tolu x


  1. Aww! Good evening Team SSSO, all good things must come to an end. God will richly bless you All for your amazing work. Please enjoy your Safari and come back safely. Lots of love from Mummy and JS....

  2. Good Morning all. Well done to all of you for your hard work. You should all be proud of yourselves for the outstanding work you've done in the village and what it means to members of that community who are less fortunate than you.
    Also many thanks to Miss Charlton and Miss Kennedy for looking after you guys.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip.

    Can't wait to see you back Saffie.

    Love Mum

  3. Hi Girls
    Well done for all your hard work
    Cant wait to see you Nene, missing you loads
    Andrea x