Monday, 24 July 2017

Day 1 on project

Today was the first of six working days on the building site. At first it seemed like it was going to be a long day but as the day continued we became comfortable. The local kids helped us with everything from collecting sand for cement to piling bricks. It was such a good experience.

During the third working period of three we took a short break to admire the view that Malawi had to offer. We took some pictures and some of the children joined us, soon after we went to collect water for the contractors to mix concrete. Sooner than expected the day ended and we returned to our compound for showers.

Everyone chipped in with making dinner today and the whole group loved it, including the guards! We created a stew which chef Tolu referred to as Chaka Laka Soya Surprise with white rice. Day One went great! 
- Isatu

P.S: mum I carried water on my head today and I didn't drop it. Love you xx
Safire also said tell her mum about the blog ok bye!

Leila: Miss you everyone 

Vicky: Miss you family
P.S: Feranmi don't touch my stuff please! Morayo continue to be a darling xxx

Esther: hello Akinyeles I'm tired. I walked from the compound to the village to get water. I will do more housework when I get home. See ya! Xx

Hi mum! I'm so tired but it's been a good experience, the children love me here and they're so friendly. Missing the lie-ins and McDonalds,
Miss you, Love Nariah xx

Hey mum I miss you so much I wish you were here. Love you xxx 
From Tolu

Hi mum, miss you! From Ama xx

Hey sis and mum, I'm having so much fun. See you soon! Love Renee xx


  1. Good evening All, well done Guys, doing a great job and God will richly bless you All. I miss you Tutu, love you lots, I hope you come back with lots of money and a job, lol - JS

  2. Hi all it seems like your doing what you went out there for with fun elements. Keep smiling. Zareefa we are missing having you around, especially little sis wisi. Sending all our love and hugs xxxxx

  3. Good morning all, I can see the good effort you've all put in working for God because He said " as much as you are doing this for your fellow humans, you are doing it for Hom".
    Rejoice for your rewards will never be denied.
    Love you all and very proud.
    Tolu wish to be there also, am very proud of you and missed you so much

  4. Hello ladies,
    So lovely to hear that you are all well and enjoying the time you have had so far! Miss you Renee and glad you are having fun. Love you! Vanessa x

  5. Hello all,nice to see you all working really well. Stay bless👍
    Ama's mum

  6. Hello everyone! It's obvious that you're all working really hard with so much fun! I am extremely proud of you all and pray for more strength for you.
    Vicky we are really missing you and Oluferanmi has been giving your stuff a great company since you've traveled! So worry not about them.

    love too you All and stay blessed XXX

  7. You are all doing amazing. Carla ( Renee's Cousin) x