Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Custard cream exchange

Greetings to you all. Today we did project work for the toilets, such things like laying bricks and mixing cement. We also kicked off our G4G programme. Songs and dances were exchanged between us and we got to know the girls. For example, Bridget who's 13 and her favourite subject is English. We even shared custard creams with the Malawian girls in pairs. For dinner, Ida (our magnificent cook) helped us make bean burgers, chips and chapatti. Speaking of the dinner, let me sign out and enjoy! Love Renee ps I'm having fun family, it's quite cold but they are feeding me well! 
Personal messages: Love you mum, someone tell my mum about the blog- Ama. 
Someone keep my streaks, if you've lost them I'm gonna be upset. Other than that thanks to all the aunties who have sent messages, we love you all and we are safe with gods blessings. Love you mum! - Alexis
Hiya JS, hope you're enjoying the summer holiday with mummy. Love and miss you dearly. Miss you too mum and I'm enjoying my new home. Love you both xxx - Isatu
Hey mum, hope you're alright, I'm good here love Zareefa xxx ps Kamillah DO NOT BREAK THE BED! 
Hey mum, today I did brick laying, it was really productive and will be great to add to work experience for engineering. The workers thought I was exceptional (words of miss Kennedy). I had so much fun. Love you, bye. - Tolu
Hi mum, hope everything will is good, miss you lots and everything is ok. Lots of love, Leila xx
Hi mummy and daddy! Love you loads! I'm good and having so much fun in Malawi. Give Soufyan and Sulaiman a kiss from me. Tell Selma I don't like her. miss you all! Love Sanae x
Hey family, missing you all loads. Hope you're all ok. We are all safe - thanks to all for the lovely messages. See ya soon, Vicky xx


  1. Well done guys! glad to hear you are enjoying the foods and exploring the environment. And thanks for posting these beautiful pictures! it is evident that you are doing a great job indeed

    Vicky pls learn how to make beans burger as it sounds interesting. We are all well apart from missing you dearly darling daughter!

    love you all and God bless XXX

  2. Hello all thank God you are all having fun,Renee this is mummy I miss you. love you

  3. Hi all, nice pictures, looks like your all working very hard and having fun. We are all well, missing you lots Eesha ( Leila) xxx

  4. Hiya All, lovely pictures of you doing an amazing job, Isatu, JS is missing you and is busy counting the days. I'm Happy you've been sharing with the other Girls as well as sharing is caring and that's why you went out there. Love you All and God Bless you Team SSSO....

  5. Hiya All, great photos! We are glad to see you are all well and having a great time. You are all doing a fantastic job, keep it up!!
    Sanae we are all missing you xxx Sulaimen keeps asking "Where Sanae?" Soufyen asks when are you back. I think you are really missing your big sis, she has been asking after you, I have finally sent her the link to the blog.
    Thinking of you all SSSO Team, remember you are all doing a great job. Xxx

  6. Good morning All, I'm sure you had a great night rest and you are off now to do some amazing charitable work. Isatu please tell Saffie that her Mum and Sister has been trying to send her messages but they've not been going through. Tell her everyone is thinking of her and missing her. She can send message for them as well, as they can see the messages but not been able to publish theirs. I hope you All have a great day.....

  7. Hello all. Well done for all the hard work you've been doing. We all miss you yeama hope your having a good time. Love Mum

    1. Hey saffie.
      It's Elizabeth. Just letting you know that you are truly missed

    2. Hello Baby Girl Saffie. Well done to you all. Keep up the good work as you know hard work prevails. We miss you dearly.

      Love Mum

  8. HeySanae, hope your having fun, you look like your working hard :). I know you miss me very much hence your comment. Love you xx (Selma)

  9. Hello Ama, I have seen you all working so hard. We miss you
    Auntie and Owura says hello. Love you xXxX mum

  10. Hey Peahead (nariah)! I think you know who this is from the greeting already, hope you're alright! I've kept your streaks for you
    Miss you lots! See you soon, love lexi xxx