Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Before you fly!

Dear SSSO Team,

We wanted to send a quick e-mail prior to your departure. We hope that your preparation and packing is going well!

Just a couple of last-minute tips:

1.       Please remember that your luggage allowance for the main hold is 23kg maximum + 12kg for hand luggage. Please do keep to this allowance. It should be more than enough for all your kit.

2.      Please do not to pack any walking boots on the outside of the main hold luggage. They almost certainly won’t arrive still attached, we recommend you wear your boots for the flight to keep them safe (and save on weight in your main bag).

3.       Please also pack a change of underwear, toothbrush (not paste, unless it is less than 100ml) and any other absolute essentials in your hand luggage (i.e. medication, anti-malarial tablets), just in case any main bags go missing on the flight. It is unlikely, but best to be safe.

Keeping in touch:

We have set up a blog for your group, to keep parents and friends up to date with what your team is up to.

Your family and friends can comment on posts and photographs. We will be updating the blog as often as possible with your news. Please feel free to pass this link on to anyone who you think would like to stay up to date with the team’s activities.

Trip Information: 
Don’t forget you can find specific trip information and documents here: http://www.inspire-worldwide.com/SSSO-2017-trip-infoThis page has some key documents (itinerary, trip information pack, risk assessments) plus general Inspire information and our Emergency number – also detailed below.

The following is a list of suggested items that would be well received and useful for the community you are visiting:

- Second hand towels (especially terry towelling) (used for our reusable sanitary pad making project
- Stationery packs for students, including math sets, dictionaries, calculators, etc
- Old backpacks
- Old laptop cases
- Old IT equipment -kindles, phones, cameras, laptops, etc
- Second bags that they can ideally leave behind would help too - for storage and also we give them to students at boarding schools

Don't forget some photos of your friends, family, school, and local area to talk about with the people you meet!

Flights and arrival: 
As you know you will be flying with South African Airways from London Heathrow via Johannesburg. We will update the blog to let your family and friends know when you have arrived safely in Malawi.

On arrival in Malawi, Nat and Chloe, the Inspire Group Leaders, will be there to meet you wearing their Inspire t-shirts. You will then take the drive by private bus to the guesthouse in Blantyre, where you will have time for some rest before in-country orientation with your leaders.

If your family need to contact a member of the team urgently at any point please make a note of the Inspire 24 hour EMERGENCY number: 07557 809 467. This number is manned in the UK 24 hours a day in case of any emergency situations where your family/friends need to contact a member of the team urgently.

For all other queries, please use the Inspire office number: 01256 886 543.

If you have any last minute questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Otherwise we hope you have an incredible time and look forward to keeping your family and friends updated throughout your time in Malawi.

With best wishes,

Josh and all at Inspire Worldwide.


  1. Greeting to the Malawi team!! Trust you are all well...just checking on you. Pls update us as soon as you can. Thanks

  2. Hi all at Malawi trust all is well,keen to know what your up to, having fun in the sun of Malawi. We have showers of rain at the min. Zareefa we are fine and missing you loads.Hope to see your blog updated.
    Love mum Helon and the kids